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Mindful Mediation

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict - Advanced

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How to Resolve Workplace Conflict empowers managers to resolve everyday low level conflicts in their team using a proven step-by-step process. This practical course ensures managers can confidently and successfully resolve conflicts in their team before they escalate. Managers will learn every stage of an effective dispute resolution process, from analysing the conflict and choosing the most effective dispute resolution process, to successfully resolving the dispute.

This Advanced Online Course includes extras

  • downloadable question templates for every stage of the resolution process, so you know the exact questions to ask to run a successful process (an invaluable resource you can refer to while you run conflict resolution processes)
  • how to identify different types of common ground
  • 6 common psychological needs of employees
  • how to listen effectively
  • how to ensure the participants get back on track if agreements are not met
  • each stage of the process is also explained in detail to ensure you have a higher level understanding of the process.

This course is for managers wanting in-depth knowledge of a highly effective conflict resolution process.

This is the only conflict resolution course you need to run an effective resolution process. If you follow the steps outlined and practice the skills, you will be equipped to run a successful workplace conflict resolution process.